200 SAR/hour

In today’s music industry, the DJ superstar is as powerful an artist as any band or solo performer. Saudi Music Hubs want to give you the best chance of developing your own unique style and becoming a successful DJ/ Performer, what you’ll learn in this course will take you there! 

Learning outcomes

Learners will be able to:

  • Understand and practice how DJ gear and software work, by working on all the major hardware and software including Pioneer DJ, Serato, Traktor, Denon DJ, Roland, Reloop, Virtual DJ, Numark, Technics, Rekordbox...
  • To discover, shortlist, organize and prepare their own library 
  • To master music structure, counting & timing, jog wheel control, mixer skills and manual beat mixing 
  • To know the latest features and tricks of digital systems on cues, loops, FX, key sync, live remixing, tone play including cutting edge ways and switch between genres and BPMs 
  • To perform in public by showing what to expect in venues, how to set up, how to read a crowd, how to deal with requests, how to fill dancefloors 

Level I

Course contents

This course will give you a fantastic start in the world of DJing. It combines hands on DJ techniques with music industry expertise. Studying a wide range of practical DJ skills including beat-matching, effects, looping and acapella mixing, you will also gain expert insights into developing your DJ career and building your brand, all of which gives you an edge in a highly competitive industry. Learners at SMH will access the latest professional DJ kit and get to play a live set. 

Course Outline

  • Equipment & Set-Up
  • Drop Mixing
  • Beat-Matching
  • Creative Mixing
  • Building a DJ Brand
  • Developing Your Career
  • How to Get Gigs
  • Promotion Tips
  • Rekordbox Software
  • Loops & Hot Cues
  • Effects/Samples

Level II

Course contents

This course digs deeper in to a range of digital DJ software applications and performance hardware. You will develop an advanced knowledge of the main features of the various digital vinyl systems on offer as well as a range of hardware DJ devices. The lessons allow students to gain practical experience of using industry standard DJ software and their various features.

Course Outline

  • Rekordbox DJ
  • Sampling & Sequencing
  • Traktor
  • Remixing
  • Serato
  • Ableton Link
  • DJ Performance Hardware
  • Finger Drumming Technique
  • Advanced Scratch Techniques
  • Promotion Tips
  • Preparing for Live Shows