Music Hub Facilities

Each Music Hub has a wide variety of spaces for musicians, bands and orchestras, and for organisations hosting events.

For individuals, we offer acoustically treated rooms for individual or group practice, as well as computers with the latest DAW software, DJ booths and a studio. And if you’re looking to buy your next instrument, we have a store in each Hub.

All the facilities are open to everyone, whether you study at the Hub or not. Book easily using the links below.

For events, we have a Concert Hall, Rehearsal Hall and other event spaces. We welcome enquiries, see below for details.

For those interested in practicing their DJ and mixing skills, we have individual DJ booths with the latest ...
A professionally soundproofed practice room(s) is an acoustic environment defined by its purpose and layout, designed to keep ...
For those interested in practicing their art skills, we have practice rooms with the latest equipment.