The Saudi Music hub voice department offers learners the skills of beautiful and healthful singing, to encourage creativity and self-expression through the joy of singing. The voice course goals are to give learners the tools they need to sing to become later professional musicians with a broad range of musical knowledge. The voice department offers the Arabic vocal training as the Operatic vocal training. The voice at the SMH is taken care as an instrument through guidance with a healthful and consistent technique that will enable learners to grow musically and vocally throughout their lives.

Learners will be able to:

  • Understand the physiology and function of the human voice, and how it relates to their own singing.
  • Demonstrate the use of language (Arabic and Latin languages) as a means of personal and artistic expression.
  • Demonstrate correct pronunciation.
  • Demonstrate informed and creative interpretation of poetry, text and character.
  • Present effective performances, comfortably speaking and singing onstage; this will be achieved through individual guidance, opportunities to observe and work with professionals, and frequent opportunities to practice performance skills.
  • Gain knowledge of and experience in performing diverse vocal repertoire of all periods and styles.
  • Cultivate self-confidence and the courage to perform.
  • Develop the skills to learn music, to practice, and to assess the vocal and musical progress of themselves and others.