Why Music Hub


At the Music Hubs

At the Music Hubs, we’re passionate about delivering top quality music education in an enjoyable and engaging way. 

We’ve searched the world to find the most inspiring teachers with the best international education and experience. 

From performing in top orchestras to teaching in the best music schools to DJing at major events, every one of our instructors brings world-class experience and a passion to deliver the best tuition.


The Saudi Music Hubs bring you the best music instructors and partners from around the world. 
Our leadership, music instructors and technical staff were carefully selected from leading international institutions and the best Saudi talent. 
For our Western instruments tuition, we selected the curriculum from ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), which is recognized as the international gold standard. 
In our Arabic instruments, music production and other tuition, the Music Commission selected Saudi and international experts to prepare new curriculums to ensure Saudi Music Hubs students get the very best quality teaching.

In addition, the Saudi Music Hubs regularly plans a wide range of collaborations with leading international education and cultural institutions, including:
- Events and performances
- Exchange visits
- Guest instructors
- Workshops
With our position at the heart of Saudi musical culture, and our deep international connections, you can be sure that the Saudi Music Hubs bring you the best the world has to offer, tailored to Saudi needs.


How to Become a Professional Musician

If you're interested in becoming a Professional Musician, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. Choosing the right instrument is always an important step when researching how to become a professional Musician. The following steps can help you to become the musician that you want.

Step 1: Research the Career Duties of a Professional Musician

Depending on your talent and versatility, you might excel in one or more areas of musicianship. You might play western instruments or Arabic instruments or become a composer or create music for television and radio. This can be done with pen and paper, or through the use of computer software. If singing is your forte, you might perform as a singer.

Step 2: Learn to Play an Instrument

You can follow the path of many professional musicians and begin playing instruments during your youth. You can join the Music Hub and work with an experienced musical tutor. This is how you gain expertise and performance experience, as well as stage presence. Routine practice will be essential, not only to starting a career as a professional musician, but to maintaining that career.

Step 3: Study at a Music Hub

The Saudi Music Hubs provide special training for young aspiring musicians and other performing artists. It gives you the opportunity to perfect your skills while learning to communicate your love of music to others and to graduate by the completion of the intermediate certificate.

Later Steps…

If you succeeded in Steps 1.2.3 you will be able to join a professional music program by attending one of the institutions as the Higher Institute of Music that have been accredited by the Music commission of the Saudi ministry of culture or others, you ensure that you receive the best education possible. You would be able then to market your talents and your career as a professional musician, you can steadily increase your popularity by performing at new venues.
later steps