Our Story

our story

Music for ALL

At the Saudi Music Hubs, we’re helping to build a vibrant music culture across KSA.

Research shows the wide range of benefits that music gives to personal wellbeing, academic performance and togetherness, and we’re proud to be playing our part.

The Saudi Music Hubs provide the widest range of music tuition, the best music facilities and the most engaging music events for the whole community.

Whether you are learning as a hobby, want to jam with your band, or you are planning your professional music career, the Saudi Music Hubs have everything you need.

Mission and Vision

The Saudi Music Hubs were created by the Music Commission to help everyone learn, make and experience music.

Research shows that participating in music activities contributes to wellbeing, togetherness and creativity.

The Music Hubs are here to bring the benefits of music to the whole community.

At the Music Hubs, we offer a fun and professional environment where everyone can take their own music journey, whether for a hobby or as a career. 

Group 4

From traditional Arabic and Western instruments to DJ Skills, computer music production, song composition and more, you will find the course you are looking for. And with world-class teachers for everyone, you’re in the best hands.


See a performance in our Concert Hall, come to a workshop, visit us for an open day, or just grab a coffee. The Hubs have a wide range of events, activities and venues for the whole community.

Group 5

Make your own music in the Hubs. Write your next hit in our computer lab, record in our studio, mix in our JD booths, practice your instrument or jam with your band in our acoustically controlled rooms.

Our Goals at SMH

  • Offer top-quality music education and facilities for all
  • Encourage music creation & performance as a hobby
  • Develop the next generation of Saudi musicians
  • Provide pathways into further music education or into professional careers in music performance or business
  • Provide a wide range of events for the community
  • Engage businesses and other partners to support the growth of a music culture