Brief Introduction

At the Music Hubs, we’re passionate about delivering top quality music education in an enjoyable and engaging way. 

We’ve searched the world to find the most inspiring teachers with the best international education and experience. 

From performing in top orchestras to teaching in the best music schools to DJing at major events, every one of our instructors brings world-class experience and a passion to deliver the best tuition.

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Take the leap and transform your passion for music into your lifelong career.


vocal Coaching

The Saudi Music hub voice department offers learners the skills of beautiful and healthful singing, to encourage creativity and self-expression through the joy of singing.

The voice course goals are to give learners the tools they need to sing to become later professional musicians with a broad range of musical knowledge. The voice department offers the Arabic vocal training as the Operatic vocal training.

The voice at the SMH is taken care as an instrument through guidance with a healthful and consistent technique that will enable learners to grow musically and vocally throughout their lives. 

music theory

Music theory

The Music Theory course at the Saudi Music Hub is designed to enhance music skills and basic music fundamentals. It will introduce you the essential aspects of melody, harmony, rhythm, and forms.

It will provide you with the skills needed to read and write Western and Arabic music notation, as well as to understand, analyse it.


Take the Professional Track

Succeeding in the Music performance industry is a challenging but rewarding venture, meant only for those whose dedication and talents matches their passion for Music. The SMH will help you to accomplish this goal.