Arabic Percussions - Tabla and Rik

200 SAR/hour

The Arabic Percussions course at the Saudi Music Hub is designed to guide you to join the Arabic Takht band and learn how to play these two lively percussions instruments (Tabla and Rik) of the Arabic musical tradition. The curriculum is built to help you join the musical scene in the region. During your journey at the Saudi Music hub, you will learn a wide spectrum of techniques and styles that are related to the Arabic Tabla and Riq. Learners will discover the unique sounds of these instruments and learn to play finger rolls. Learners that are interested in this area will have the possibility to develop their own musical creativity through improvisation in the different musical contexts.

Learning outcomes- All levels

Through the curriculum, learners will be able to acquire skills by:

  • Defining control of these instruments and developing a better understanding of them.
  • Controlling the body posture.
  • Showing a fine fingers placement and combinations through different roll practice in order to developpe speed and power.
  • Producing a fine sound and developing own personal sound (in advanced stage).
  • Performing a variety of rhythms and meters of the Arabic music and their associated functions and modulations.
  • Enhancing knowledge of the different elementary Arabic music theories.
  • Demonstrating ear training skills by recognizing different rhythms from recordings through active music listening
  • Understanding the synergy between the Arabic music rhythms and the dance 
  • Demonstrating improvisation skills at intermediate demand levels.
  • Performing in group and ensembles.